In HERBEWO shopping arcade during epidemy many services are closed.

However, there are some which are still open:

  • tailor’s point
  • money exchange point
  • payment point
  • RUCH newstand
  • post office
  • AVITA grocery shop

AVITA shop is very well-stocked. There is a variety of ffruit, vegetables, good cheese, cold meats, meat as well as chemistry and other items.

There are no queues there. The prices are comparable to the prices in popular chain stores.


Restaurantelone Tarasy offers daily lunch delivery service.🍕🌮🍅🥒🧀🍩🥧
Restaurant Spaghetteria at  ul. Prądnickiej 20 A also offers catering 🍕🍕🍯🥗🥘


In other news:

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