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Herbewo International S.A. is a part of Herbewo group, which has been operating in Krakow since 1924.

Its key areas of business activity include the management of its own and administered properties Herbewo offers office spaces for rent of the unique character in the very heart of Krakow. The company’s assets are both state-of the art office buildings and historical properties. The company also offers retail and residential spaces in high standard for lease.

Our history

Herbewo International S.A. builds on the tradition of the Herbewo company, established in 1924 as a result of the union of three enterprises owned by Rudolf Herliczka, Władysław Bełdowski and Stanisław Wołoszyński (the name of the company derives from the first letters of the names of the three founders).

In the interwar period, Herbewo Company was one of the largest factories producing cigarette tubes and wrapping paper. Its products were exported to Europe, Asia, both Americas and Australia. In the 1930s, the owners started constructing factory buildings on plots purchased at Aleja Słowackiego 64. The company operated without interruption throughout the war and occupation until 1948, when its property was nationalized. The factory building was taken over by the National Printing House.

In 1992 Andrzej Barański, a descendant of Stanisław Wołoszyński, reclaimed the company’s property and reactivated the enterprise. However, the production of tubes and wrapping paper was not resumed, and a department store was opened in the Herbewo building instead. Several dozen retail companies had their outlets on three storeys and one underground level. Currently, after refurbishment, the building houses offices of well-known Polish and foreign companies, both corporations and local start-ups.

Historical materials

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Historical photos

Herbewo, 1930s

Herbewo, 2010

Herbewo, 2016