Basic information
Type of leased space: office
Address: ul. Lubelska 29, Nowe Herbewo
Surface area: 374,53 m2
Floor/number of floors: 1/6
Availability: availability to agree
Characteristics of the premises
Layout: Layout of the premises - partial open space and separate office rooms / conference rooms. Change in the area layout is possible. There is: air-conditioning, suspended ceilings, raised floors, carpets, category V structural cabling in the premises. In the common part of the floor: sanitary facilities, kitchenette, communication area. The building has a reception, elevator, recreational terraces, physical protection plus monitoring of common areas.Building coefficient of common space - 2.5%
Walls: Mural
Floor: Raised
Ceilings: Suspended
Windows: Aluminium joinery
Doors: Door to the premises – aluminium joinery with glazing, inside doors – PORTA – with veneer
Access control system: yes
Air conditioning: chilled water system
Ventilation: gravitational
Heating: central gas heating
Electrical installation: yes
Structured wiring: yes
Internet: Orange (TPSA), Netia, UPC or a different provider chosen by the Lessee
Optic fibre: In Office Complex ACK Cyfronet AGH, UPC, NETIA
Telephone: Orange (TPSA), Netia, UPC or a different provider chosen by the Lessee
Alarm system: possible